Donald Trump’s best Cabinet secretary

From The Weekly Standard:

On November 21, 2016, Rick Perry stepped out of an elevator in Trump Tower and into the first proper job interview of his life. Perry had worked as a door-to-door Bible salesman, an officer in the United States Air Force, and a cotton farmer with his father before making his first run for the state legislature in 1984. For the next 30 years, he was hired by voters in the state of Texas to elected office again and again. But at age 66, Perry was applying for a new job – secretary of energy in the administration of President Donald J. Trump.

He remembers entering Trump’s office, where Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon sat on either side of the president-elect. “It was like The Apprentice,” Perry recalls. He must have been in a reality TV state of mind: Immediately following his New York meeting with Trump, the former Texas governor would hop on a plane to Los Angeles to appear in the finale of Dancing With the Stars. (As with his 2016 presidential bid, Perry and his dance partner lost early in the season, but he returned to do a rendition of “Ice Ice Baby” with Vanilla Ice. It’s on YouTube.)

Twenty months later, Perry is less a star and more a supporting actor in Trump’s Washington. For some pols, energy secretary would be a tough third act. After 15 years as the governor of one of the largest and most robust states in the country, and two national campaigns for president, heading up one of the forgotten departments of the federal government might feel like a downgrade. But Perry seems to relish the job – traveling to international conferences, visiting the department’s dozens of research labs, and promoting America’s energy industry.

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