Porter Stansberry talks media censorship, defines the ‘beta male’

From Stansberry Investor Hour:

This week, we have two guests with a track record that’s, in Porter’s words, “ridiculous” – Stansberry Venture Technology‘s Dave Lashmet and Christian Olsen, whose research service has uncovered 14 doubles since its launch.

Dave and Christian both have deep backgrounds in biology and biotech – and they’re not just focused on promising small-caps with pipelines that position them for rocket returns. In fact, in this episode they crown some winners among the big pharma giants in immune oncology, cardiac disease, and neuro diseases.

In this recording taking place on the 17th anniversary of 9/11, Porter, Buck, and “Country Club Guy” Jamison Miller all reflect on where they were that morning, and how it’s affected where they are today. From Porter’s decision to get married on September 11, to Buck’s decision to join the intelligence agency, the quirks of fate are interesting to pick apart.

After interviewing Dave and Christian on the most exciting opportunities in tech today – including the field that they both say is about to be as transformative as the Internet, but still in its infancy – it’s mailbag time.

Dan W. writes about his home state of Texas “protecting him from himself” by barring him from investing in assets considered too risky – high yield bonds in this case. Porter explains a possible workaround, and then takes a question from an anonymous reader who says Porter’s done everything he said he would, but is still unhappy, calling Porter “like a senior in a fraternity” vs. him being “a pledge.” Porter explains why he can’t apologize for what he’s done.

Crux note: As Porter mentioned, one of Christian’s latest recommendations – California-based cybersecurity company Splunk – is up double digits in less than two months. 

Christian’s stock advisory is perfect for new investors who are interested in exploring the tech space. His deep analysis covers everything that’s on the cutting edge of technology today: from robotic surgery to 5G wireless devices. If you’re interested in being an early investor in a $12 trillion market, Christian’s newest recommendation is exactly where you want to put your money. 

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