Offline retail will save us

From Medium:

Offline retail will save us. But first, it will change drastically. We (as consumers) will change too.

It’s been interesting to watch the growth and now backlash of online shopping and retailing. I remember hunting on eBay for second-hand luxury goods (several Prada bags, all of which were in fact authentic, and a Louis Vuitton wallet, which was definitely counterfeit) as a teenager, feeling like I was rolling the dice but also getting a great deal. Who knows what would actually show up?

Those were the early days of internet commerce.

Remember when we were all concerned that putting our credit card information into a website might result in identity theft? How quaint and comical, given the broader data breeches we face now (and how much we all just resign to them).

In 2018, nearly twenty years later, never before have so many things been within reach, just a few clicks away. In most cases, already-saved payment information and free 2-day shipping makes the distance between “Oh, I sorta need _______” to “oooh, quelle surprise!” when it arrives IRL much much shorter…

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