Using multiple digital devices at the same time linked to obesity
April 5, 2019

From Study Finds:

Limiting yourself to using just one digital device at a time may do wonders for your waistline. A new study finds that media multitasking – or flipping back-and-forth between your smartphone, smart watch, laptop and tablet – can contribute to obesity.

Researchers from Rice, Dartmouth, and The Ohio State universities say that people who mindlessly switch between digital gadgets and gizmos are more likely to struggle with an increased lack of self-control, particularly when it comes to eating.

"Increased exposure to phones, tablets and other portable devices has been one of the most significant changes to our environments in the past few decades, and this occurred during a period in which obesity rates also climbed in many places," says lead author Richard Lopez, a postdoctoral research fellow at Rice, in a university release. "So, we wanted to conduct this research to determine whether links exists between obesity and abuse of digital devices – as captured by people's tendency to engage in media multitasking."

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