The world has become more peaceful in 2019
June 14, 2019

From the Institute for Economics & Peace:

The average level of global peacefulness improved very slightly last year. This was the first time that the index improved in the last five years. The average country score improved by -0.09%, with 86 countries improving and 76 recording deteriorations.

Despite this improvement, the world remains considerably less peaceful now than a decade ago, with the average level of peacefulness deteriorating by 3.78% since 2008. Global peacefulness has only improved for three of the last ten years. The fall in peacefulness over the past decade was caused by a wide range of factors, including increased terrorist activity, the intensification of conflicts in the Middle East, rising regional tensions in Eastern Europe and northeast Asia, and increasing numbers of refugees and heightened political tensions in Europe and the United States.

This deterioration was partially offset by improvements in many of the measures of the Militarisation domain. There has been a consistent reduction in military expenditure as a percentage of GDP for the majority of countries, as well as a fall in the armed services personnel rate for most countries in the world.

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