'The greatest crisis in American journalism is the death of local news'
May 23, 2019

From INMA:

In a wide-ranging and sometimes intimate conversation with 500 of his closest professional colleagues – close because they've been meeting in his building all week – New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet confessed Friday about what keeps him up at night.

He also confided to the INMA World Congress of News Media audience how (in)capable he is at producing news video, the significance he attaches to datelines, what worries him about the loss of local media outlets nationwide, and where he feels the Times has improved since miscalculating online publishing in 2014 and misjudging the election in 2016.

One thing he declined to reveal, though, is what U.S. President Donald Trump wanted when he called once to personally complain about something.

"I'm trying to decide whether I can say... I think I'm going to save what he exactly said for my memoir, if I ever write one," Baquet said.

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