The dead could eventually outnumber the living on Facebook
May 1, 2019

From The Guardian:

Facebook may eventually have more dead users than living ones.

If Facebook continues to grow at its current rate, the site could have 4.9 billion deceased members by 2100, according to a study by Oxford researchers. Even if growth had stopped entirely last year, the study finds, Facebook would be looking at about 1.4 billion dead members by 2100. By 2070, in that scenario, the dead would already outnumber the living.

Of course, in this case, "users" could be the wrong word; deceased people are not getting much use out of the site. The trouble is, their data lives on – and the fate of all those selfies, life updates and humblebrags remains a thorny topic, the researchers say.

The findings, based on UN population data and information from Facebook's Audience Insights tool, raise questions over "who has the right to all this data, how should it be managed in the best interests of the families and friends of the deceased and its use by future historians to understand the past", said Carl Öhman of the Oxford Internet Institute (OLL) in a statement.

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