The 100 most visible companies
March 8, 2019

From Harris Insights & Analytics:

The Axios Harris Poll 100 ranks the reputations of the most visible companies in the United States. The survey is conducted among 18,228 Americans in a nationally representative sample. Powered by twenty years of proprietary research from The Harris Poll Reputation Quotient, The Axios Harris Poll 100 is a measurement of what real people think right now about the companies in our cultural conversation.

The Axios Harris Poll 100 is built on a two-step process. The study starts fresh each year by surveying the public's top of mind awareness of companies who either excelled or faltered in society. These 100 "most visible companies" – for good or bad reasons – are then ranked by a second group of Americans across key dimensions of corporate reputation attributes to arrive at 1=Best and 100=Worst. If a company is not on our list, it does not suggest that they have either good or bad reputation, but rather they didn't reach a critical level of visibility to be measured.

See the results here...

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