Robots take over NYC restaurants
July 25, 2019

From the Wall Street Journal:

Robots are making their way into New York City's restaurants.

A growing number of dining spots throughout town are using machines to prepare all manner of food and drink, in many cases replacing the employees who would normally handle the task. Think gizmos that can do everything from slice a sushi roll into eight uniform pieces to mix the perfect happy-hour cocktail.

And when no machine is available for the job, some restaurateurs find an automated solution of their own design. Nat Loganathan, owner of the newly opened Dalup Modern Indian, a fast-casual restaurant in Chelsea, used his engineering and computer background to build a device that makes dosa, the crepe-style item popular in Indian cuisine.

Mr. Loganathan fashioned the machine in his Connecticut garage from an odd assemblage of parts, costing under $3,000, that included a motor shaft assembly from a lawn mower. He said he is pleased with the consistent quality of the dosa it makes.

"A machine doesn't have a bad day," he said.

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