Petition for plastic ban targets Happy Meal toys
July 10, 2019

From the Wall Street Journal:

The plastic backlash has a new target: Happy Meal toys.

A British petition calling for McDonald's to scrap the plastic toys included with kids' meals has garnered over 325,000 signatures, and the country's environment minister is pressing the case.

The rising scrutiny shows how concerns about the environmental impacts of plastic are broadening from single-use products, like straws and coffee cups, to items some view as unnecessary or short-lived. The focus is no longer just on waste, but also the impact production has on climate change.

Many toys, including those in Happy Meals, typically can't be recycled because they are made of multiple kinds of plastic, or plastic mixed with other materials. Parents say these often end up in the trash.

"You open a plastic bag to get another plastic item, which is played with for five minutes and then probably goes in the bin," said Rachael Wood, whose daughters Ella and Caitlin, ages 10 and 7, started the petition late last year. The petition also targets Burger King.

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