Own this high-growth industry disruptor as the 'Melt Up' unfolds
April 9, 2019

From Stansberry Research:

Last month, the current bull market turned 10 years old... It's now the longest in history.

But that doesn't mean it has to end anytime soon...

Bull markets don't simply die of "old age." They can go on longer than you might think. In fact, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud believes we'll see a final explosive rally before this one ends...

It's what he calls a "Melt Up." In the last few months of a bull market, stocks usually experience their biggest move higher. It's the last push before a "Melt Down" arrives.

It's true that this historic bull market will end at some point. But you shouldn't just wait for that to happen. If you know where to put your money, you can make huge gains in the final innings. Steve believes this week's featured company will soar as the Melt Up unfolds...

Square (NYSE: SQ) has revolutionized the way we do business. The payment-processing company has made it much easier for small- and medium-sized businesses and vendors to accept transactions with credit and debit cards. That's crucial as the world goes "cashless"...

You've probably seen Square's most popular product at a small coffee shop or the local farmers market. It's a plug that turns any smartphone into a credit-card reader.

When Square launched in 2009, the main alternative was what's known as a "merchant account." These accounts were a pain for merchants. They often came with long contracts, extra fees, and an expensive payment-processing device that you had to rent.

By comparison, Square's readers are easy to use and simple to set up. They're inexpensive and don't lock merchants into contracts. That's what made them so compelling.

Although the readers don't cost much, Square has plenty of ability to make money... The company charges a 2.75% fee for every card swiped among its millions of users.

Having such a simple, necessary product has put Square miles ahead of the competition... The company's mobile app consistently ranks as a top download among iPhone maker Apple's (AAPL) business applications. None of its competitors come close.

In just 10 years of operation, Square has grown its user base exponentially. Today, the company claims that its platform houses more than 40 million users.

And it's using its wide reach to offer more services to merchants...

Square has announced a variety of different services for businesses over the past year – including payroll processing, lending, and even building websites. All of these services are incredibly convenient for small businesses. More important, they expand Square's scope...

Take Square's lending option, for example.

It allows small businesses to take flexible payment options on big-ticket purchases. Before Square, transactions like these used to be difficult for small-business owners. They required a costly agreement with a merchant creditor... or the small business would have underwritten the loans itself. But Square solved the problem with an easy solution.

And it's just one of the things that's allowing the company to reap the rewards...

In 2018, Square processed $84.7 billion in payments. That was up 30% over 2017. The company also reported revenue of $3.3 billion, a year-over-year increase of nearly 50%.

Square's services business remains a huge growth engine for the company... Last year, this segment brought in $592 million – a staggering 134% jump from 2017.

While this segment is growing exponentially, Square's other businesses will continue to grow as well. By 2022, analysts expect Square to grow its total revenue roughly threefold.

For now, Square remains unprofitable... It reported a net loss of $0.09 per share last year.

That isn't uncommon for high-growth tech companies. Square is investing in user growth, which will increase its revenue. Once it matures and investment slows, profits will roll in.

Square is already making huge strides toward profitability... In 2018, the company reported a net loss of $38 million. That's nearly 40% lower than its net loss of $62 million in 2017.

Square's shares have followed the same high-growth trend as its revenues... Since the company went public in 2015, its stock has returned an astounding 483% to investors.

Now, investors might feel like they missed the boat if they haven't already put their money to work with Square. But Steve believes it's exactly what you want to own in the Melt Up...

A stock hitting new highs isn't a bad thing. The trend is in our favor. And history says that new highs tend to lead to newer and higher highs, so there's plenty of upside potential left.

Square's formula is just too good... It offers a better service. It's growing like crazy. And as we showed you today, it's expanding its reach by offering other services to businesses.

Sometimes investing is simple.

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