More Americans believe it's OK to cheat on your taxes
May 22, 2019

From MarketWatch:

Fewer Americans think it's unacceptable to cheat on taxes.

The overwhelming majority of taxpayers still say there's no excuse to misstate even a penny on their returns – but there's been some slippage in that moralistic (and legal) stance, according to new information from the Internal Revenue Service.

In newly-released data for fiscal year 2018, 85% of people said no amount of cheating was permissible, down from 88% from the previous year. Likewise, 10% said a little bit of fudging was OK, up from 9% the previous year, the data released Monday found.

The percentage of people who believe cheating is OK (or not) have hovered around a four-point range since 2009, according to the IRS.

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