Millennials are delusional about the future, but they aren't the only ones
April 11, 2019

From Business Insider:

Most Americans have lofty dreams for the future, but too many aren't prepared to bring them to life.

One-quarter of millennials who expect to retire between ages 66 and 75 have no retirement savings account, according to an INSIDER and Morning Consult survey. And about 31% of millennials who expect to own a home aren't saving for one.

Of the 4,400 Americans polled, 353 identified as Gen Zers (ages 18 to 21), 1,207 identified as millennials (ages 22 to 37), 1,131 identified as Gen Xers (ages 38 to 53), 1,472 identified as baby boomers (ages 54 to 72), and 237 respondents did not select a generation. The margin of error was plus or minus 1 percentage point.

But it's not just millennials whose goals don't align with their habits. Gen Xers, the closest generation to retirement age behind baby boomers, are largely unprepared to leave work one day. About half of Gen X respondents said they expected to retire before age 75 – 23% said between 56 and 65, and 28% said between 66 and 75.

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