McDonald's is teaming up with AARP to hire older workers
April 29, 2019

From CNBC:

McDonald's is teaming up with AARP and the AARP Foundation to hire more older workers.

The partnership will mean that all U.S. job postings from the fast-food giant will be featured on AARP's job board. With the AARP Foundation, McDonald's U.S. division is also piloting a program in five states to match McDonald's and any franchisees who opt into the program with older Americans looking for jobs.

McDonald's likes to tout itself as "America's best first job." But student workers lack the availability or the willingness to work breakfast and lunch hours. The Chicago-based company is also dealing with a tight labor market as it gears up to hire 250,000 people this summer. So instead, McDonald's is turning to a demographic eager for jobs: baby boomers.

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