It's better to be born rich than smart
May 20, 2019

From USA Today:

It's better to be born rich than smart.

That's the sobering takeaway of a new national study released by Georgetown University on Wednesday that suggests a child's success in life is shaped less by their innate talents and more by their social standing and life circumstances from birth to early adulthood.

Specifically, researchers found that seven out of 10 wealthy kindergarten students with low test scores were affluent by age 25, compared to only three out of 10 high-scoring kindergarten students from poor families who were affluent by early adulthood.

"If you're born well off and you don't show talent, you have a better chance of ending up in a good job than if you're a low-income, talented student," said Tony Carnavale, director of Georgetown's Center on Education and the Workforce, which produced the study.

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