Fast-food portion sizes, calories, and sodium are rising
March 5, 2019

From Quartz:

The last decade has been a tumultuous one for the American food industry, marked by consumer rebellions against genetically modified foods, artificial flavors, sugars, eggs from caged hens, and trans fats, among others.

The fits and demands of real people have actually moved the needle in recent years. They've forced major food manufacturers to redesign some of their most popular products, pushed egg farmers in Iowa to physically redesign their operations, and has soda makers playing defense against taxes for drinks with added sugar. The industry now has to operate in a new reality, where consumers hold more power than ever to publicly reshape what the food system looks like.

There is one exception, though.

While so many other companies bent to the wills of consumers asking for better food, America's fast-food giants flouted the trends. In the last 30 years, as Americans demanded less salt and tried to trim their caloric intake, fast-food chains served up more salt, increased portion sizes, and added calories to their meals, according to a new study published this week (Feb. 27) in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics...

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