Census: Half of Americans are over age 38
June 24, 2019


The graying of America continues.

The national median age rose to 38.2 years last year, according to newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau. That suggests half of the U.S. population is more than 38-years-old and half is younger. By gender, the median for woman is 39.5 while for men its 36.9 years.

The aging of America is widespread with 49 of 50 states showing an uptick in older residents. North Dakota was the only state to see a decline in its median age, from 37 years in 2010 to 35.2 in 2018.

"This aging (phenomenon) is driven in large part by baby boomers crossing over the 65-year-old mark," said Luke Rogers, the Chief of the Population Estimates Branch at the Census Bureau.

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