Binance says hackers stole $40 million worth of bitcoin in one transaction
May 9, 2019

From the Washington Post:

In a single withdrawal, hackers siphoned $40 million in bitcoin from one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Binance said it would suspend all deposits and withdrawals for at least a week while it conducts a security review – a move that affects 6 million users – although trading will continue. The company said that thieves employed phishing and viruses to commandeer the 7,000 bitcoin, and that hackers might still control some user accounts.

The heist builds on the explosive growth in cryptocurrency crime and investor scams, which increased more than 400 percent in 2018 and added up to about $1.7 billion in losses, according to the cybersecurity firm CipherTrace. More than half that total, or $950 million, was taken from exchanges such as Binance and wallets that allow people to store digital currencies.

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