Among injured e-scooter riders, only 4% were wearing helmets
January 28, 2019

From CNN:

Head injuries, fractures, cuts and bruises: Those are some of the injuries that more than 200 riders of electric scooters  and those who were accidentally hit by or tripped over them – experienced over a year in two hospitals in Southern California, according to a new study published Friday in the medical journal JAMA Network Open.

The study found 249 people were seen following electric scooter accidents at the two emergency departments participating in the one-year study. The majority of the people injured  92% – were riders themselves, and only 4% of riders wore helmets. But the group also included pedestrians who were struck by scooter riders or who stumbled over a discarded scooter.

Dr. Tarak Trivedi, the lead author of the study, is an electric scooter rider himself. As a physician, he once took care of a patient with a dislocated shoulder following an electric scooter accident at the same intersection he crossed on his way to work...

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