Americans are generally positive about their personal finances
May 31, 2019

From Gallup:

 Gallup readings across several personal economic measures since the beginning of this year confirm that the public has felt the effect of last week's news: The first quarter of 2019 was the strongest first quarter for the U.S. economy since 2015.

At the start of 2019, Americans' optimism about their personal finances reached levels not seen in more than 16 years, as 69% expected they would be financially better off in a year. Since then, Gallup has seen the following additional indications that the public's confidence in their own financial stability is strong.

1. A majority of Americans, 56%, rate their current financial situation as "excellent" (12%) or "good" (44%), while 29% rate it as "only fair" and 15% as "poor." This overall positive rating has increased 10 percentage points since 2015 and is currently the highest since 2002, though it is statistically unchanged since last year. Likewise, the 57% of Americans who now say their overall financial situation is getting better has risen 10 points since 2016 and is at its highest numerical point since 2002.

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