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as in the crux of today's news: from Wall Street to Washington, D.C.)

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If you're like us, you trust the mainstream media today about as much as you trust politicians...

Backdoor deals... catering to advertisers... corporate censorship... and other hidden agendas are how the big media entities operate today.

As of 2012, about 90% of the media was owned by six giant corporations. That's down from 50 companies in 1983. And it's only gotten worse over the past few years... Consolidation has squandered competition, silenced differing viewpoints, and put the power of mainstream media in fewer and fewer hands. Now, most "news" is mostly just "noise" – distracting you from the topics and ideas that truly matter.

Here at The Crux, we keep things simple...

As a private business, we don't answer to shareholders. And almost all of our advertising is for our own premium research services. This unique business model helps us avoid conflicts of interest – and keep our voice independent.

The Crux is owned and operated by Stansberry Research. More than a million people, in more than 170 countries, read Stansberry Research products daily. We have more than half a million paid subscriber accounts, making our firm one of the largest (if not the largest) independent investment newsletter firms in the world.

Our founder, Porter Stansberry, wrote our first sales letter on a borrowed laptop computer from his kitchen table. Today, we have approximately 200 employees, who work in our three main offices.

We have one satellite office in Delray Beach, Florida, one outside of Jacksonville, Florida, and our headquarters is located in the historic Mt. Vernon district of Baltimore, Maryland.

Over the years, our research analysts have been cited, interviewed, or featured in nearly every major financial publication in America, including: CBS Market Watch, Fox Business, Bloomberg, Barron's, USA Today, TD Ameritrade, ABC, Forbes, TheStreet.com, the Wall Street Journal, Business News Network, Newsmax, Seeking Alpha, and the Huffington Post, just to name a few.

Our mission is to provide you, our reader, with powerful ideas on building your wealth... protecting your health... and living a freer, happier, and more productive life. We strive to publish news you can use yourself and share with friends and family. And news you're unlikely to see anywhere else.

You'll get the important stories you won't always hear about in the mainstream media... discover the best investment opportunities that exist right now... read life-changing insight from some of the world's most successful people... find easy ways to save money and elevate your standard of living... and learn simple steps you can take to achieve true personal and financial freedom.

So stop wasting time trying to sort through the noise. Let us do it for you.

– The Crux Team

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