Looking to the future, public sees an America in decline on many fronts
"Majorities predict a weaker economy, a growing income divide, a degraded environment, and a broken political system."
Hundreds of millions of user passwords exposed to Facebook employees
"Security lapse the latest privacy issue for the social-media giant."
San Francisco's 'super rich' lead a widening U.S. wealth divide
" U.S. income gap between top 5% and middle 20% grew by $118,000."
Americans are going bankrupt from getting sick
"Doctors' bills play a role in 60% of personal-bankruptcy filings."
Notre Dame and Baylor admit more legacies than Harvard and Yale
"Legacy applicants have edge on the rest of aspiring collegians."
CBD is being sold at the largest drugstore chain in the U.S.
"With legality still in question, CVS is selling products with the cannabis...
These are the world's happiest (and most miserable) countries
"The ranking saw the U.S. drop one place, to 19th, while people in South Sudan were the least happy."
Marijuana stocks must solve this problem to win $80 billion jackpot
"Analysts say cannabis branding – the art of getting people to associate a...
Nearly all Americans fail to eat enough of this actual superfood
"While we obsess about carbs and protein, we’ve ignored fiber – at our peril."
Marijuana is the fastest-growing industry in the U.S. job market
"The U.S. added 64,389 full-time legal cannabis jobs in 2018, according to a new...
More households subscribe to streaming than traditional TV
"The survey found that the average consumer subscribes to three streaming...
Insulting Putin may now land you in jail under a new Russian law
"President Vladimir Putin signed laws punishing online media and individuals for spreading 'fake news'..."
Amazon's private-label brands are not as successful as you think
"Amazon has been successful in creating generic items at low prices, but only...
More than 20% of Americans aren't saving money
"More than 1 in 5 working Americans aren't saving any money for retirement,...
The 'Amazon of Latin America' is leading this big global trend
"By investing in massive trends like this, investors can reap huge rewards as...
What your 'digital footprint' reveals about you
"The algorithm's ability to draw inferences about us illustrates how easy it is...
Colleges may have to take a financial stake when students don't repay loans
"The White House is weighing a measure that would require colleges and universities to take a financial stake in their students' ability to repay government loans."
Independent voters are not so independent
"The reality is that most independents are not all that 'independent'...
The number of millionaires in the U.S. hits an all-time high
"The number of wealthy households in the U.S. reached a new high last year,...
5G is coming... and it's going to cost you
"All that extra bandwidth won't be much use if the average consumer can't afford...
The FDA is limiting sales of e-cigs
"If underage vaping continues to increase, the agency later this year could...