Why you should care about the ‘Melt Up’

From Porter Stansberry:

Last night, we aired the biggest event in Stansberry Research history. And the best investor in the world hosted it…

No, I am not exaggerating.

There isn’t a better investor anywhere in the world than my lifelong friend and business partner, Steve Sjuggerud.

If you’ve been reading our work for any length of time, you’ve probably already figured this out for yourself. If you don’t know Steve yet, I’ll show you in just a second exactly how I know this is true.

Now… Why should you care about any of this?

Because after the Dow dropped more than 600 points this week, it’s more important than ever that you get the right information. We are at a critical moment right now.

For those who tuned in last night, Steve answered the two biggest questions on every investor’s mind:

  1. What’s going to happen in the financial markets over the next year?
  2. And exactly where should you put your money today?

I know what you’re thinking… “Everyone and his mother has an opinion on where the markets are headed. Why should I listen to Steve?”

The answer is simple… Because no other analyst out there has accurately called so many major market moves since 1999. From his call of the market top in early 2000… to his call of the bottom in early 2009… to his spot-on predictions about gold, real estate, biotech, China, and many more – no one has done a better job over the past 20 years of identifying the market’s biggest and most important moves.

The numbers prove it…

We looked at the data earlier this year while compiling our annual Report Cards, and Steve’s returns continue to blow us away.

As you probably know, few investment firms are able to beat the S&P 500’s returns over long periods (like five to 10 years). But since launching True Wealth Systems in early 2011, Steve’s average annualized return is 26%. That’s nearly double the S&P 500’s annual return in the period.

Virtually no one who has been investing in large-cap, long-only, liquid equities can match these results over this period.

If you have any money in the markets right now – or plan on investing after the recent pullback – you’d be a fool to do it without hearing from Steve first.

The best part is, we’re sharing a recording of last night’s event for a limited time…

In it, Steve explains exactly which sectors you should be looking at right now and when to invest… 

Again, this is completely free, just for watching along.

Plus, if you decide you’d like to try Steve’s paid research, you’ll have the chance to purchase it at our special price. Tens of thousands of people who tuned in last night have already taken advantage of this…

To watch Steve’s presentation, simply click here.

One final note…

Earlier this week, I came across an incredible statistic from our friend Jason Goepfert, who runs the excellent SentimenTrader website.

Jason says the “dumb money” hasn’t been this scared since February 2016. Two months later, the market was up nearly 15%.

When Wall Street talks about “dumb money,” they’re referring to retail investors… folks who aren’t professionals. These folks tend to get excited about investing when it’s already too late, after the market has run much higher… and they get scared during pullbacks, when it’s actually a great time to buy.

Again, everything you need to know about the coming “Melt Up” is covered in last night’s event. It’s worth every minute of your time. Click here to watch.



Crux note: Last night’s Melt Up Event turned out to be a record-breaking milestone for Stansberry Research.

Tens of thousands of independent investors tuned in to get Steve’s take on the recent volatility in the stock markets… and learned the best way to position their portfolios for when the coming market Melt Up finally shakes out…

If you’d like to be a part of this historic moment, click here to watch a full replay of the event. (Last night’s offer is expiring soon.)

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