Why the Trump stock market is different

From the Stansberry NewsWire team:

China’s President Xi Jinping wants his country to be a peacemaker and take a leading role in the global economy. But would a full-time trade war with the U.S. hamper those aspirations?

In this week’s MarketCast, Scott, Greg, and John tell you why the markets are reacting to posturing on both sides, before any real talks have even started. Scott’s contacts in Washington reveal that the Chinese may work back channels through their connections to U.S. corporations to pressure Donald Trump in the end.

John asks Greg about gold’s breakout amid a potential strike on Syria, and he makes a bold prediction as to where he could see gold going from here.

Scott recaps his experience at the Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Conference in New York. A much more hawkish Fed is banking on economic growth moving forward to keep rate hikes on schedule. But what happens if the economy slows?

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