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Why more and more Americans now hate the rich

From James E. Miller:
In the midst of the extramarital affair scandal involving former CIA director David Petraeus, the mansion which mistress-turned-media target Paula Broadwell is hiding out in was revealed by the Daily Mail.
This $2.3 mansion contains seven bedrooms and five bathrooms and is owned by Broadwell's brother. Some are pointing to the mammoth home as yet another symbol of the vast inequality that pervades the West. It is said that to see the house is to have a glimpse at how the "other side" lives — the other side being subtly hinted to as that of the undeserving bourgeoisie.
In many respects, much of this loathing is well deserved for Ms. Broadwell and her brother Stephen Kranz. A former trial lawyer for the U.S. Department of Justice, Tax Division and Chief Counsel for the District of Columbia's Office of Tax and Revenue, Kranz is currently a partner at the D.C. law firm Sutherland.
Much of his career has focused on the tax code. It appears that he once used the code as a weapon to shake down other Americans in the service of Uncle Sam. Today, he advocates for taxpayers, but the fact remains that he owes his standard of living to the formalized thieving racket the state labels taxation.
So to some degree, a bit of detestation is warranted at Kranz. But consider former presidential candidate Mitt Romney...
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