"Why I hate to hear the Star Spangled Banner and refuse to say the pledge"


By Christopher Gaddy, featured on Lew

I remember a time when I would threaten a person for not respecting our flag and loving our country. "Love it or leave it," I used to say; "these colors don’t run" was another one. I loved my country and thought it loved me back. I was gung-ho all the way. I thought there was no greater occupation than to fight and defend one’s country. Hell, my dad did it, and his before him. I would often boast how there had been a Gaddy in every war since the American Revolution. I hoped to have the opportunity to defend my country in a war, like my dad, my uncle, and both my grandfathers.

I attended and graduated from Virginia Military Institute, still believed in defending America, and was commissioned into the U.S. Army. I wanted to be the best soldier and patriot I could be. 9-11 happened and I was fired up, ready to go seek revenge for what had been done to my country and its people. I ridiculed the plastic patriots that were suddenly waving the flag and yelling, "America is #1," because I had been doing it for years.

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