Why a U.S.-China trade resolution bodes well for stocks

From the Stansberry NewsWire team:

On a week where the Dow tacked on another 1.4%, Scott Garliss, John Gillin, and Greg Diamond make sense of the numbers… securities’ relative strength versus oil… and gold’s woes… while other commodities like copper slip into an undeniable bear market.

The hosts jump into the new developments in the China trade war, its effect on institutional investors, and how that could move the markets. And Greg explains that the trade war has been going on for a lot longer than many think…

John runs through some of the inflated debt in struggling emerging markets, from Qatar’s $15 billion investment in Turkey, to Venezuela’s hyperinflation despite having the world’s largest oil reserves.

And with earnings season all but wrapped up, Scott lists two key developments he’ll be watching this week…

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