Where Porter Stansberry keeps his gold

From Stansberry Investor Hour:

Buck and Porter discuss the overreaching power of the Department of Justice in the current Paul Manafort investigation, how the State of California is making another epic economic blunder mandating solar energy for new homes, and why the recent move in oil over $70 has nothing at all to do with Iran.

Dennis Gartman of the Gartman Letter joins Porter and Buck to talk about the most important chart in the markets, an economic signal from the St. Louis Fed you should be watching every Thursday, and where you should be on U.S. equities. Porter asks Dennis about his thoughts on blockchain, oil, the credit cycle, and the manipulation of interest rates. Are bonds already in a bear market? Dennis reveals his favorite stocks in the oil sector.

Listeners have questions, Porter has answers. He tells you the easiest way to invest in safe government bonds, the locations of his favorite deep-sea fishing spots, and the role precious metals like gold play in the inflation vs. deflation debate.


13:40 If the FBI were a stock… here’s why Buck would not only sell it but actively short it right about now.

20:45 Porter reveals why fear of prison isn’t the only thing motivating him to pay every penny of taxes he owes, and Buck shares the story of what the IRS has done to government critics he personally knows.

28:30 Porter asks why, if the Department of Justice is another Trump-hating branch of the Deep State, Trump doesn’t just clean house and fire them all. Buck explains why the Department of Justice is immune even to Congressional oversight these days. “That’s how bad things have gotten.”

30:50 Buck introduces Dennis Gartman, the editor and publisher of The Gartman Letter, a daily publication that covers political, economic, and technological trends whose subscribers include leading banks, brokerages, and hedge funds around the world.

36:45 What does Dennis think about blockchain technology? It’s going to transform every transaction we make, whether it’s an exchange of money, furniture, or fruit. But it needs to be divorced from Bitcoin.

51:10 Porter puts his finger on why oil prices are climbing up despite an ongoing shale boom – and why the death of the Iran deal has surprisingly little to do with it.

59:50 Buck pulls a question from the mailbag from Karen T., who wants to know about Porter’s prediction of gold going to $5,000. Porter explains why it doesn’t matter if there’s inflation or deflation – the catalyst for gold is there.

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