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Warning: "Washington Monument Syndrome" is breaking out across America

From Economic Policy Journal:
The mainstream media is warning us. The NYT writes:

Airlines and airports across the country are preparing for across-the-board federal budget cuts due to hit next week as if they were a hurricane, although with even less certainty about how many flights they will have to cancel and how many passengers will be stranded.


The federal government is warning about delays that could begin in March, as the first cuts take effect, and reduced takeoffs and slower security lines that could worsen in April with furloughs...


To handle such a major staff shortage but still maintain safety, federal aviation officials said they would accept fewer airplanes into the system, the same tactic they use in bad weather.


That means that in places where airplanes normally follow one another with a six- or seven-mile gap, there might be a 10- to 20-mile gap. As a result, passengers may sit on tarmacs and endure delays as they wait for planes to push back from the gate...


There could also be longer security lines at airports because of anticipated furloughs of Transportation Security Administration workers. In addition, deplaning from international flights could be slower because Customs and Border Protection agents are expected to work fewer hours.

FOX News reports:

Travelers soon could be forced to arrive at the airport many hours before their flight to deal with an expected logjam at TSA checkpoints brought on by automatic budget cuts set to go into effect March 1 -- if Congress and President Obama cannot reach a deficit-reduction deal.


According to recent warnings, the D.C.-imposed travel nightmare could include longer waits at security checkpoints, customs and even on the tarmac if the across-the-board budget cuts hit.


What's really going down? It's "Washington Monument Syndrome"... Tom DiLorenzo explains:
The game is this: Whenever a politician is "threatened" with a minor slowdown in spending, the first thing to do is to eliminate police, firefighters, ambulance services, school buses, etc. -- everything that inflicts the maximum discomfort on the victims of the government monopoly (aka taxpayers).
The booboisie then wake up from their American Idol stupor for a moment to raise a fuss, and the proposals to slow down spending growth disappear.
(It's called the "Washington Monument Syndrome" because...
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