Walmart is in big trouble

From Stansberry Investor Hour:

Walmart’s woes are becoming such common knowledge that even journalist politicos are now asking Buck how the once-great retailer can turn things around. Porter reveals two reasons Amazon’s in more trouble than anyone realizes – and the only rational thing he thinks anyone CEO of Walmart can do now.

Porter elaborates on the storm clouds he sees ahead for Netflix and Tesla, and entertains an argument from one listener that he’s got it wrong about Tesla.

The team also wades into current events controversy – including the shooting of a man after a tussle involving a stolen handicapped parking spot and a sucker punch. Then the talk turns to international saber-rattling, with Porter reading aloud one of Trump’s greatest Twitter taunts of a foreign leader before Buck shares the surprisingly positive consequences of America being the actor with a reckless (crazy?) President for a change.

Porter reveals the big cryptocurrency news at Stansberry Research, and why one guru is coming around to Bitcoin at long last.

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