Turn off the Wi-Fi on your phone immediately

From The Wall Street Journal:
Fan Zhang, the owner of Happy Child, a trendy Asian restaurant in downtown Toronto, knows that 170 of his customers went clubbing in November. He knows that 250 went to the gym that month, and that 216 came in from Yorkville, an upscale neighborhood.
And he gleans this information without his customers' knowledge, or ever asking them a single question.
Mr. Zhang is a client of Turnstyle Solutions Inc., a year-old local company that has placed sensors in about 200 businesses within a 0.7 mile radius in downtown Toronto to track shoppers as they move in the city…

Crux note: Privacy is a myth. The America we knew has become almost unrecognizable these last few years. No one understands this better than Retirement Millionaire editor, Dr. David Eifrig, MD, MBA.

In his special report, Doc reveals where our lives are most vulnerable to snooping corporations using new technology to "follow” us everywhere we go… even to our homes. To learn Doc's simple ways to safeguard your privacy, click here.
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