Crypto expert: Here’s a sell strategy to avoid getting killed in cryptos

From Teeka Tiwari, Editor, Palm Beach Confidential:

Hi Teeka…

With all the media hype about bitcoin, I was wondering if you could share your thoughts with your readers as to what your exit strategy is for some of your holdings. The cryptocurrency bubble may be losing steam soon.

—John A.

Since early November 2017, the cryptocurrency market has exploded to the upside.

Bitcoin rose from $6,500 to as high as $20,000, a gain of 200%-plus. (It now trades around $15,000.)

The entire crypto market cap grew from $200 billion to over $750 billion, a gain of 275%.

And many individual cryptos are up even more.

So, it’s no surprise I get questions like that above from John A. Many of our subscribers are wondering when to sell.

I want you to take full advantage of this massive bubble that’s going to emerge in this new asset class.

But we’re not going to be like the folks in the dot-com bubble or the housing bubble who rode manias all the way up and then rode them all the way down like lemmings. Instead, we’ll harvest profits along the way.

Today, I’ll tell you our strategy to wring profits from this crypto bull market…

First Thing: Stay Rational

There are going to be some really great days ahead… but there will be some dark days, too. The key is to stay rational. Don’t fall into despair or get yourself wrapped up in the euphoria.

That’s why it’s important to have proper position sizing.

In Palm Beach Confidential, we take small, trivial amounts of money and turn them into life-changing wealth. If you’re a small investor, that means no more than $200–400 per position. And if you’re a larger investor, no more than $500–1,000 per position.

We call this type of opportunity an Asymmetric Trade: plenty of upside and little downside. We’ve used this strategy to make average gains of 7,394% on our open crypto positions.

Most of our regular readers know how this strategy works by now. So, let me show you how we sell for profit when those life-changing gains start piling up.

Scooping Cream off the Top

We don’t have a crystal ball. So, we don’t know when the bull market will end. That’s why we want to take some profits when the right opportunity arises.

I call this “scooping a little cream off the top.”

Here’s how that works…

As a currency rises in value, we sell it off in little pieces—usually 10% at a time.

I did this with one of the cryptos in our Confidential portfolio. We originally added the position in March 2017. Here’s how we scooped cream off the top along the way:

On May 24, 2017, we sold 10% for a 351% gain.

On August 28, 2017, we sold another 10% for a 972% gain.

On October 18, 2017, we sold half of our remaining position for a 638% gain.

We more than tripled our money on this play and we still own over 40% of our original position. That’s like a free ride. Even if the remainder of our position goes to zero tomorrow, we’ve already made three times our money on it.

We used the same strategy just last Thursday when we sold 50% of our stake in five positions, including a 11,318% gain on ether (and triple-digit gains on the other four).

And we still hold 50% of our original positions. That’s another free ride.

This lets us make money safely while also being positioned for even higher highs. Sure, we don’t catch the absolute top, but only the very lucky and liars ever do!

Bringing It All Together

I’m going into all of this because we will see massive ups and downs before this bull market is over. And I want you to be rational. I want you to think about the big picture.

If you can stay focused on the big picture, you’re going to make a killing over the next few years. I mean an absolute killing.

And if you follow the position-sizing techniques we’ve taught you, you’ll remain clear-headed while everyone else is losing their minds.

At the end of the day, the only thing standing between you and a big pile of money is your decision-making. You’re going to change your life if you can master your emotions.

Be rational. Position-size appropriately. Let time do the heavy lifting. And always remember…

Let the Game Come to You!


Teeka Tiwari

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