Three big changes could be coming to your tax return this year

From The Wall Street Journal:

… Thanks to the ever-growing complexity of federal, state and local tax laws, regulations and court cases, it’s easier than ever to make mistakes, including overlooking valuable tax breaks. The standard federal tax publication issued by CCH, a Wolters Kluwer unit, now totals a record 74,608 pages, up from 73,954 pages in 2013—and about 60,000 in 2004.

“There were some big changes in 2013,” especially for taxpayers in the top brackets, says Gregory A. Rosica, a tax partner at Ernst & Young. But even those who aren’t affected by these changes may find the task more daunting if they had a major life change, such as a marriage, divorce or job loss.

Here are a few major changes and thoughts from tax experts on how to reduce your chances of bloopers…

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