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This could be the biggest government cover-up of the last 20 years


By Daily Crux Editor Brian Hunt:

Express concern in America about cell phones causing cancer, and you’re lumped in with the “I was abducted by aliens” crowd and handed a tin foil hat. Most people just can’t believe cell phone makers and the government would let something like that happen to the public.

A recent GQ article covers why this could be a deadly way to look at things. The article is a longer read than we usually pass around, but it’s well worth the reading time.

As you’ll see, any research that links cell phones to increased cancer rates is suppressed in the U.S., which reeks of the suppression tactics once used in tobacco, asbestos, and Agent Orange research. Even if there’s no real danger here, this article shines light on things you probably didn’t know about cell phones.

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