The one thing every American needs to understand about government spying

From SHTFplan:
While the NSA, FBI and other intelligence agencies mine and collect trillions of domestic electronic interactions of every American citizen, a large portion of the population simply assumes that nothing will ever come of it.
"If I'm not doing anything wrong," they say, "who cares?"
True… Today you can go out, join a protest, scream to your heart's content at Occupy and Tea Party assemblies, and under the First Amendment, you are free to go about your business once done.
You can insult politicians. You can discuss "conspiracy theories" with your friends. You can post to forums, blogs, and social networks, and be totally immune from state-sponsored persecution and prosecution based on your beliefs and ideologies.
All the while, the government is cataloging your every interaction – who you've spoken with, where you've been, your political inclinations, religious beliefs, and your purchasing habits.
The data, for all intents and purposes, isn't being used for any real overt purpose right here and now.
But as we’ve seen throughout history, governments change, as do the legalities of certain activities.
This week the U.S. Fifth Circuit court issued a ruling allowing the government to capture cell phone data without a warrant.

Ruling 2 to 1, the court said a warrantless search was "not per se unconstitutional" because location data was "clearly a business record" and therefore not protected by the Fourth Amendment.

At first glance, this may seem like no big deal, but… it may have serious life-altering implications…
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