The mainstream media just stooped to a sad new low

From Economic Policy Journal:
What if a Ron Paul supporter had thrown this punch?
Do you think the mainstream media would have run the story?
Of course they would have!
Not so when it comes to Union violence, says policymic:
All the major broadcast television networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) chose not to show footage of violent union members in Michigan tearing down a tent owned by Americans for Prosperity, or footage of a union member punching Fox News contributor Steven Crowder in the face repeatedly.
If that was a Ron Paul supporter throwing the punch, a Barbara Walters special would have been in the works discussing how society should deal with those violent libertarian extremists.
Tom Brokaw would remind the Greatest Generation that without the State to protect them, life would be a sea of chaos with libertarians running around like wild dogs stealing their Social Security checks.
Ah, but this was a good Union man who threw the punch, so nothing but the sound of crickets from the ventriloquist dummies that sit on the lap of the State.
The Internet, on the other hand, had this story covered from every angle...
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