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The five easiest places to get a second passport

From Sovereign Man:
I awoke this morning to an excited e-mail from a longtime friend who wrote, "Guess who is going to be officially confirmed as a Polish citizen next month? Yours truly! Now, it's just matter of waiting to be assigned the Polish version of a social security number and pick up the physical passport. "

No doubt, if you're part of the lucky bloodline club because your grandparents happen to have been a certain nationality at birth, it's possible that their citizenship might pass on to you.
This is, by far, the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to obtaining a second citizenship.
Let's pause for a moment, though, and explore why one would want second citizenship.
When you have all of your eggs in one basket, i.e. you live, work, bank, invest, buy real estate, store your gold, structure your company, operate your business, surf the web, etc. all within the same country of your citizenship, you're taking on a lot of 'sovereign' risk.
If one thing goes wrong in that country, whether you end up on some three-letter agency's list, or you get sued because your neighbor's stupid kid fell in your swimming pool, suddenly all of those assets and interests are at risk.
With the click of a mouse button, a single phone call, or the whisk of a fountain pen, any judge or bureaucrat can shut you out. They can put a lien on your home, freeze your bank account, confiscate your personal property, shut you out of your email, shutter your business, seize your gold, etc.
This is the whole point of international diversification... what I call "planting multiple flags." If you use the system against itself and spread those assets and interests around the globe – banking in Hong Kong, structuring a company in Nevis, basing an email account in Norway, storing gold in Singapore, etc.
With this level of diversification, suddenly those assets no longer fall under the control of a single government.
The ultimate in this international diversification is obtaining second citizenship; aside from being a fantastic insurance policy, it's a ticket to a whole new world of opportunity and freedom.
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