The quest to outlaw internal, possibly unconstitutional U.S. checkpoints

One man’s quest to outlaw Customs and Border Protection’s internal, possibly unconstitutional immigration checkpoints


For a quarter of a century, Terry Bressi, staff member and chief engineer for the Spacewatch project at the University of Arizona’s Lunar & Planetary Lab, has had two constants in his life. The first is driving to and from the Kitt Peak National Observatory for work, part of which involves trying to identify asteroids that might threaten Earth. The second is having the federal Customs and Border Protection agents or their local law enforcement counterparts harass or even arrest him regularly during those drives on Arizona’s Route 86, the only viable major road connecting Tucson and the observatory.

Bressi’s battle against the harassment, arrests, and related tactics employed at the CBP internal checkpoint on Route 86 has entered its 16th year and a new phase…

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