Steve Sjuggerud: Why legendary investor Jim Rogers agrees with me now

From Steve Sjuggerud, editor, True Wealth:
Jim Rogers agrees with me…
Jim has one of the greatest track records in history. He delivered a 4,200% return to investors of his legendary Quantum Fund in the 1970s… at a time when the U.S. stock market returned just 47%. And then he walked away from managing money.
(Porter Stansberry and I first met Jim Rogers at a private dinner meeting in New Orleans roughly 15 years ago, where we all sat next to each other. Jim has been a friend of Stansberry Research ever since… Recently, he was a guest on Porter's excellent Stansberry Radio program. I highly recommend you check it out at
This summer, Jim predicted that China's currency could soar by 300%, 400%, or even 500% against the U.S. dollar in the next couple decades. "If anyone wants to sell renminbi, I'd be willing to buy," Jim said.
And just last month, Jim said he expects China's currency to replace the U.S. dollar as the world's most important currency in the next 20 years. (He is so optimistic about China, he moved his family from New York to Asia, and his young daughter now speaks perfect Mandarin.)
The renminbi is undervalued by 30%-50%, based on estimates from the most credible, stodgy sources. If something is selling for $0.50 on the dollar, it has to go up 100% just to get to fair value.
How often in life can you buy something that could take over the world in 20 years – at a 30%-50% discount to fair value? The answer is never… until now.

Times are changing in China… fast.

A couple years ago, Americans couldn't even hold money in China's currency. Now we can (even though it's still not as easy as holding money in the U.S. dollar – yet).
The story is simple… China wants to be seen as a world superpower. To become one, the country understands it's important to have a currency that rivals the U.S. dollar.
So far, the Chinese government has kept the renminbi under tight control. Unlike the U.S. dollar, which is free to fluctuate in value on world markets, China has kept the value of its currency artificially low.
The reason is that a "cheap" currency allows China to sell cheap goods around the world.
In recent years, China has allowed the renminbi's value to rise slowly – 3%-4% a year – as it heads toward fluctuating freely in world markets. You can see what I mean here:
China was moving slowly… But the shenanigans in Washington, D.C. over the last few weeks will likely cause a significant change in the country's views on money. The rate of change could actually pick up.
You see, China is getting tired of U.S. politicians. I expect that it wants to rely less on the U.S. dollar (that it has no control over) and more on its own currency… sooner than later. To do this, the country has to speed up its currency changes.
China's Communist Party has an important meeting on economic policy scheduled for next month. I don't have any inside track on this meeting… but I am sure they will discuss quickening currency reforms.
We should know the meeting's outcome in November. I expect the Chinese government will allow the renminbi to strengthen even more.
We want to get a percentage of our assets into China's currency now… before that happens.
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