Steve Sjuggerud: This idea could change the investment world

From Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, editor, True Wealth:
I admit it, I don't go to investment conferences much anymore…
I used to, years ago… I felt like I needed to be at conferences to find great ideas and meet interesting people.
As I got farther along in my career, I used to say that if I got just one useful idea from a conference, and maybe shook a few hands, it was worth it.
Now, I don't even think that. One idea wasn't worth all that time spent.
But instead of giving up… we're doing something about it…
Let me explain…
I hate conferences, primarily because:
1. I simply can't burn three or four days of time. When you add up travel time and the conference itself, it can be three or four days of your life. I don't have that kind of time to burn just to hope to get one useful idea… And I don't want to burn my time that way, anyway, because…
2. I am usually bored. Very bored. I don't think of myself as having "ADD" – but I can't sit still at most of these things. I think to myself, "Does this speaker really need a 40-minute time slot to make his point?" That's assuming the speaker had something useful to say. But what happens when a speaker is terrible? Should I give him an hour of my life?
I was talking about these things one day about a year ago with my brother Mike and our childhood friend Porter Stansberry – the founder of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research.
We quickly realized that we all completely agree on this… that conferences are terrible. They're boring and uninspiring – for the reasons I listed above and many more.
So Porter and my brother decided to change the entire conference model completely…
Porter put these thoughts down on paper. He wrote:
• I want to put on spectacular shows that people will remember for years to come.
• I want people to have magical weekends in exotic locations, and walk away from each of these events richer, smarter, and with brand new experiences under their belt.
• I want fantastic speakers and the most innovative companies to deliver brilliant ideas.
• I want to have private meals at the best restaurants, wherever we go.
• I want incredible wines people have never tried… great food… fun… music… comedy… magic… action-packed presentations… sporting events… contests… and of course, tons of great ideas delivered in short, tight presentations, which can actually change your life.
• I want to interact with interesting people who get as excited as I do about new ideas, new businesses, new adventures… and culinary luxuries.
• And I want these events staged in a truly world-class location, like a famous theater or a symphony hall.
Porter smartly brought my brother Mike onboard to help him realize this vision. Mike has done a fantastic job of fulfilling all of these things.
The first of these Porter-inspired events is coming up… In Miami, this [March].
The schedule of events is darn exciting… it will legitimately be fun. Like nothing else.
I will be there…
On Friday night, I will be at the cocktail reception. I will be speaking Saturday at the show. And I'll be at Saturday night's dinner…
I'm sure it will be a spectacular show. I hope to see you there…
Crux note: TONIGHT at 8 p.m. Eastern, our colleagues Porter Stansberry, Steve Sjuggerud, and Dr. David Eifrig will be hosting an exclusive online event where they'll be sharing a "sneak peek" into this upcoming conference, featuring their three biggest investment ideas for 2014. This event is absolutely FREE to Crux readers. All you have to do is register, by clicking here.
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