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Six simple ways to boost your finances in 2013

From Bargaineering:
With the New Year already upon us, now is the time to make some changes in your personal finances. You may very well face a tax increase in the near future, and with a continuously slumping economy, you can never be too careful. In order to protect yourself in the face of financial uncertainty, here are five tasks to complete in 2013:
1. Reduce Credit Card Debt
The average American carries nearly $7,000 in credit card debt. If you currently owe anywhere near (or exceeding) that level, now is the time to eliminate credit card debt. It may be easier than it sounds – cut back on your personal spending, and use your extra savings to apply to your debts until they are gone for good.
2. Establish an Emergency Fund
Establishing an emergency fund is crucial in today's economic environment. You never know what major financial setbacks or expenses are on the horizon, such as a car repair or an unforeseen medical emergency. Try to set aside six months' worth of living expenses, and you'll have the peace of mind that you can weather any financial storm.
3. Create a...
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