Shock claim: Marijuana could be inches away from FDA approval

From Michael Ford at Stansberry & Associates:

Medical marijuana use is skyrocketing.

Since California first approved the measure… it has spread to 20 states.

And now, according to a Gallup poll, 58% of Americans agree it should be legal.

With increasing acceptance of marijuana-derived drugs, there’s only one major obstacle preventing their widespread use…

According to Susan Pisano of America’s Health Insurance Plans, “The main issue is the question of FDA approval that all drugs need to go through.”

So how likely is it that marijuana will receive FDA approval?

One Minnesota doctor argues it already has.

Dr. David Eifrig, Jr., MD, MBA writes, “Most people don’t realize this… but several marijuana-like drugs have already been approved by the FDA. And big pharma is cashing in.”

AbbVie is one of such firms. They produce a drug called Marinol, which contains THC, the primary psychoactive component of marijuana.

Another company benefiting from marijuana-derived drugs is Valeant Pharmaceuticals. They produce, Nabilone, which has been available in U.S. pharmacies since 2006. It’s made for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy.

And “Doc” Eifrig says a raft of other cannabis-based drugs could win approval soon as well.

The FDA recently gave the go ahead for a clinical trial of a drug used to treat Dravet syndrome – a genetic, drug-resistant epilepsy found in children.

The drug in question, GW Pharmaceutical’s Epidiolex, is a liquid form of the marijuana-derived ingredient Cannabidoil.

And the same firm has already received FDA approval for clinical trials of another marijuana-derived drug, Sativex, which contains not one, but two cannabis-derived ingredients: THC and Cannabidoil.

“It’s clear that in some ways – the key components of Marijuana have already been approved by the FDA,” writes Doc.

It’s hard to say when the U.S. government might reverse nearly 80 years of policy and make marijuana legal, coast to coast. There are mounting signs in Washington, D.C. that we could be near a turning point.

But investors hoping for a “green rush” might have to wait a little while longer.

According to Doc, “Most of the companies that deal in marijuana are extremely over-priced… and thinly traded. We haven’t seen a single company worth owning just yet. And the big firms’ marijuana-based drugs only make up a fraction of their revenue.”

One thing’s for certain. Doc Eifrig knows the healthcare industry inside and out… And he has an incredible track record for identifying trends early on.

Like when he discovered that drugstores were going to profit from the increasing medical needs of aging baby boomers.

Investors who took his advice have seen incredible gains of 105% on Walgreens and 90% on CVS since he recommended them in 2011.

And when the time is ripe to invest in the medical marijuana industry, you can be sure, Doc will be on top of it.

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