Russian newscast urges citizens to prepare for conflict


As President Donald Trump sent mixed messages about his plans for possible military action in Syria this week, Russian state media advised citizens to take his warnings from earlier this week to heart, and prepare for war with the U.S.

On the country’s state-owned media channel, a news anchor on Wednesday explained to viewers how to prepare for a potential war by stocking a bomb shelter—while images of nuclear explosions were shown behind him.

As Newsweek reports:

Warning that the potential conflict between the two superpowers would be “catastrophic,” an anchor for Russia’s Vesti 24 showed off shelves of food, recommending that people buy salt, oatmeal, and other products that can last a long time on the shelves if they plan to hide in a bunker. Powdered milk lasts five years, while sugar and rice can last up to eight years, the newscaster explained before showing videos of pasta cooking in a bomb shelter.

The newscast showed shelf-stable foods that could last five to eight years—including powdered milk, rice, and sugar—and advised Russians to buy gas masks and huge supplies of water.

The anchor took on a mocking tone at times, saying that Americans have far more to fear than Russians.

“The real panic isn’t here but across the ocean,” said the reporter, adding that the instructions to stock bunkers were for “people who succumb to panic and decide to spend all their savings.”


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