Riding around Baltimore with the repo man

From Bill Shaw at American Consequences:

An alarm sounded

It was different from the last one.

“Live hit!” the driver gasped.

He sped around the corner and killed the headlights.

“Stay here. I’ll be right back.” He grabbed a small flashlight and stepped out of the car.

I reached over and locked the doors. It was a bad neighborhood. And it was late at night.

The driver returned with a grin and pumped his fist. “Yes!… We’ve been looking for that one for six months!”

Last year on a Sunday evening, I spent four hours riding shotgun with a repo man in Baltimore, Maryland. “Bruce,” the driver, is a grizzled veteran of the repo business. He’s seen it all… and been shot at, beaten up, clubbed, and called every name you can imagine. He’s also been stabbed twice – both times by women…

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