Read this before you even think about buying this week’s popular Twitter IPO

From The Reformed Broker:
SunTrust's Bob Peck is out this morning with a reiteration of his $50 price target and buy rec on Twitter shares, which will be IPOing on Thursday.
As for investors who will not be getting access to the stock at the IPO price (23-25), Peck says the following:
We believe the Twitter IPO presents a sound investment at expected levels and think the stock could reach $50 by the end of 2014. We reiterate our Buy recommendation…
Buying the IPO. Further, since many investors will not able to buy at the IPO price, we have been asked at what levels should investors invest. We think that investors can feel comfortable buying up to $40…
Peck was the first Wall Street analyst to have coverage of the pre-IPO company, there are now four other investment banks with buy recs (0 neutrals, 0 sells)…
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