Porter Stansberry: What you should know about Bitcoin and gold

From Porter Stansberry with Sean Goldsmith in S&A Digest Premium:
Bitcoin is a fantastic example of all of the things that I (Porter) have been talking about in the "End of America" hypothesis – that the U.S. dollar will lose its place as the world's reserve currency.
People are desperate for alternatives to the U.S. dollar… That they've adopted something that is a technological phantasm is not surprising, given the state of technology in the world today. I'm not surprised that Bitcoin exists. I'm not surprised it's popular. And I'm not surprised that it has soared.
But I will tell you this… the intrinsic value of Bitcoin is zero. And there is no yield in holding Bitcoin. And if you listen to the Bitcoin proponents talking about it, every argument they make is the same argument I could make about gold…
Bitcoin can't be manipulated by central governments (neither can gold). Bitcoin is divisible (so is gold). The amount of Bitcoin is limited (like gold).
Also, like gold, the government could ban Bitcoin… As you read in today's Digest, we're already seeing steps in that direction.
Remember Bernard von NotHaus?
He created a physical currency called "Liberty Dollars" over a decade ago. Some $60 million worth of Liberty Dollars entered circulation in the U.S. The government raided him and threw him in jail. He was accused of "domestic terrorism" for using Liberty Dollars to undermine the government.
Von NotHaus is still awaiting sentencing.
I digress…
Unlike Bitcoin, the history of gold is as long as humanity's. Gold has been treasured for millennia.
So if you ask me whether I'd like to buy Bitcoin or whether I'd like to have another ounce of gold… the answer for me will always be another ounce of gold.
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