Porter Stansberry: These stocks dramatically beat the market


By Porter Stansberry in the S&A Digest:

We're publishing our quarterly model portfolio today. As always, our model portfolio contains the 16 best investments from our entire coverage universe. We diversify into four different asset categories: Value, Growth, Income, and Macro. And we pick four investments in each category, leaving us with 16 separate recommendations. Thus, we call the portfolio the S&A 16. We produce revised portfolios each quarter (four times a year) so that you can compare the actual performance of our best ideas as they should be put to work in real life.

Last year's second-quarter S&A 16 has returned 60%, smashing the S&P 500's gain by 20 percentage points. That's a truly absurd amount of outperformance, especially given diversified portfolio included a bond component. Our bond guru, True Income's Mike Williams, led the S&A 16 from last year with a 326% gain on his Rite Aid bond recommendation. This is also the largest 12-month gain in the history of the S&A 16.

Maybe some day those of you who never consider bonds will take our advice: For most individual investors, buying corporate bonds when they are available at wide discounts is the best and safest way to get both income and capital gains.

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