Porter Stansberry: Why the GE scandal is about to get $20 billion worse

Crux note: As regular readers know, we’ve been following the epic collapse of American icon General Electric.

Porter Stansberry has been tracking this story for years. And according to him, things are about to get a whole lot worse…

Porter explains why in his latest podcast, below…

From Stansberry Investor Hour

Porter reveals why no major media outlet will cover his best-selling book, American Jubilee, which has sold over 50,000 copies in the last few months. Is the dirty math at General Electric about to get a lot worse? Porter has new information about dubious accounting practices used at GE that could potentially put the conglomerate in the same league as Enron. He offers a solution for corporate America that would immediately stop the crazy debt madness and financial shenanigans found at some major public companies.

Dan Denning of the Bill Bonner Letter joins Buck and Porter to talk about the early days of Porter’s publishing business, why he recently traveled 3,000 miles out west looking for “bolt hole” communities, how he hates to disagree with Steve Sjuggerud, and what newsletters he’s reading these days for ideas and inspiration.

The mailbag is filled with questions about Porter’s natural gas prediction, capital efficiency, and the Stansberry Alliance. And one listener writes in to tell everyone how he was almost “Bucked” on a position in GE before he heard Porter’s analysis.

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