Porter Stansberry: ‘75% of Americans die with debt’

Crux note: In this episode of Stansberry Investor Hour, Porter Stansberry and Buck Sexton address one scary statistic… 75% of Americans die with debt, $60,000 on average.

 As Porter says, “You’re going to be a wage slave your whole life… You’ve got to borrow money to buy a house. You’ve got to borrow money to buy a car. You’ve got to borrow money to get a college degree. You’re trapped in this complete cycle.”

Porter has been warning Crux readers about America’s debt problems for a while… And he’s just finished what could become the most important book in recent history.

The American Jubilee explains much more about America’s biggest problem today… along with what you MUST do to survive and prosper in the years to come when this national nightmare comes to a head.

Read The American Jubilee. It will be the best $19 you ever spent. Order your copy here.

From Stansberry Investor Hour:

Porter talks about the VIX falling out of bed while he was down in Nicaragua last week, and the reactions of Alliance members who were along for the trip at Rancho Santana. Buck prompts Porter on a wild ride covering the moral bankruptcy of fiat money, how U.S. monetary and elected officials have truly “jumped ship” on fiscal responsibility, where interest rates go from here, and the borrow culture of the new America that is making it impossible for millennials to save and build wealth.

Dave Lashmet, lead analyst and editor of Stansberry Venture Technology, connects with Porter to talk about the latest medical and technology trends he’s studying that have the potential to deliver huge returns to your portfolio. Porter and Dave talk about their first biotech research trip together in 1999, the reality of seeing autonomous vehicles on your street, immunotherapy for cancer patients, and the famous “Dinner with Hitler” essay they wrote together.

Scott from Indiana asks Porter about solar energy. Rant alert! You won’t want to miss Porter’s response on what might be the most economically backwards source of energy on planet earth, despite our government’s attempt to make you pay for it.

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