Porter Stansberry begs for a return to common sense

From Stansberry Investor Hour:

Porter and Buck welcome Greg Diamond, senior analyst of Ten Stock Trader and co-host of The Investors MarketCast. Greg explains why we’re at a big inflection point in the stock markets and how Ten Stock Trader just posted a 25% gain in less than 24 hours. Porter asks Greg to reveal the one trend he sees in the markets right now that can help you make money. Porter tells you the first thing he looks at when buying or selling a stock, and how he finds businesses that produce products his grandchildren (and their grandchildren) will be using.

Founder of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, joins the show to explain his methodology of spotting future economic, social, and technology trends. Porter asks Gerald how massive corporate and consumer debt is weighing on markets and what he thinks about the possibility of a populist debt jubilee. Gerald tells you why what’s happening in the Middle East right now can send a shock wave through the equity markets, and how autonomous driving is still a “nerdy pipe dream” that’s decades away from becoming reality.

Porter answers listener questions about selling put options, proper position sizing for bond portfolios, and the secret origins of the ubiquitous Country Club Guy.


13:12: Porter dives into the recent Starbucks controversy, and shares his theory on the brouhaha. “I can’t help but believe in some way shape of form that this entire thing was staged.”

18:32: Forget quotas, micro-aggressions, and even anti-discrimination laws targeting private property. Porter reveals his favorite way to undercut racism in this country.

22:22: Porter opens with a challenge to Greg – he’s never believed in technical analysis, which Ten Stock Trader exploits for its members. I think its a bunch of dorks drawing lines and assigning meaning to them.

29:10: Greg goes into last week’s first trade with Ten Stock Trader, and how the 25% profit was realized in less than 24 hours. Porter notes how, if all his trades go like that one, he will soon be the richest man in the universe.

35:20: Buck introduces another guest who peers into the future and sees big trends – Gerald Celente, a pioneering trend strategist and founder of the Trends Research Institute. He’s earned a reputation as the most prescient trend analyst by predicting hundreds of social, political, environmental, and economic trends.

43:40: Porter predicts that as bad as things are, we’re going to need a lot more despair before a third political party takes off – and reveals the one as-of-yet unknown potential challenger to Trump he’s watching very closely.

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